About Us

Who we are? The Founder’s Introduction:

Greetings from the heart of diverse journeys! I am, Naima, Lalla, the dedicated visionary behind RootsAndRoutesMag. As a diasporan, my roots extend deep into the rich soil of Morocco, but my life’s tapestry has woven through the vibrant landscapes of Sweden, Norway, and the UK. Each step, every experience, and every encounter have shaped the essence of what RootsAndRoutesMag stands for – a celebration of the kaleidoscope of diaspora experiences.

Where are we from?

RootsAndRoutesMag is a global rendezvous, a meeting ground for individuals like you and me – bound by a common thread of diverse origins. Our origins span continents, cultures, and traditions, but it is in this shared diversity that we find our unity. Whether your journey began in the bustling markets of Marrakech or the serene fjords of Norway, this is a space where every origin is celebrated, cherished, and woven into the vibrant tapestry of diaspora life.

Motive Behind the Magazine

Our journey is not just geographical; it is a journey of stories, of shared experiences that transcend borders. RootsAndRoutesMag is born from the belief that every story deserves to be heard, every experience deserves to be shared. Our motive is to create a platform where the diaspora’s voices resonate, where the narratives of triumph, struggle, and resilience find a home. This magazine is more than pages and words; it’s a testament to the strength and beauty of our shared diaspora identity. and journeys


At RootsAndRoutesMag, our goals are as diverse as the stories we tell:

  • Connectivity: We aim to foster connections across diasporas, creating a global network where stories unite and empower.
  • Representation: Through diverse narratives, we strive to represent the richness of diaspora experiences, shedding light on the unique and often overlooked aspects of our shared identity.
  • Inspiration: We aspire to inspire and be inspired – to be a source of encouragement for individuals navigating the complex journey of living away from their roots.
  • Celebration: Every edition of RootsAndRoutesMag is a celebration of cultural heritage, individual triumphs, and the collective strength of the diaspora community.

Join us in this expedition of exploration, understanding, and celebration. So! Very welcome to RootsAndRoutesMag, where every story is a bridge that connects us all.

All the best!

Our Team & Contributors

Tariq Riaz

A passionate freelance web developer, entreprenuer, designer, writer, social media manager, founder and creator of TheCelebrity.Online Magazine is working as WebMaster at RootsAndRoutesMag.com.