International Day Against Hate Speech: Promoting Tolerance and Mutual Respect


June 18 marks the annual observance of the International Day Against Hate Speech, a crucial initiative aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of hate speech and fostering the values of tolerance and mutual respect. This day serves as a global call to communities to unite against violence and discrimination in all its forms, striving to create an inclusive environment that honors and respects differences.

The Genesis of the International Day Against Hate Speech

The journey towards establishing this important day began in July 2021 when Morocco presented a resolution to the United Nations General Assembly, advocating for an international day dedicated to combating hate speech. The resolution received unanimous support, leading to the proclamation of June 18 as the International Day for the Fight Against Hate Speech. This resolution marked a historic moment for the United Nations, as it was the first time such a day was recognized at an international level.

The Significance of Combating Hate Speech

Hate speech poses a significant threat to global peace and social harmony. It undermines the fundamental values of peace, tolerance, and coexistence that are enshrined in the United Nations Charter and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Morocco highlighted that the proliferation of hate speech contradicts these values, emphasizing the urgent need for collective action to address this issue.

The International Day Against Hate Speech encourages individuals, communities, and governments to reflect on the impact of hateful rhetoric and take proactive steps to counter it. This involves promoting educational initiatives, supporting policies that foster inclusion, and encouraging dialogue that bridges divides rather than deepening them.

Building a Culture of Respect and Inclusion

Celebrating the International Day Against Hate Speech is not just about denouncing hateful language; it is about actively building a culture where every individual feels valued and respected. This includes recognizing and appreciating the diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and identities that make up our global community.

On this day, various activities and campaigns are organized worldwide to spread awareness about the harmful effects of hate speech and to promote positive narratives of understanding and solidarity. These initiatives aim to inspire people to stand up against hate speech and to embrace the principles of empathy and compassion.


The International Day Against Hate Speech is a vital reminder of our shared responsibility to combat hate in all its forms. By promoting tolerance and mutual respect, we can work towards a more inclusive and peaceful world. Let us use this day to recommit ourselves to these values and to take meaningful action to ensure that hate speech has no place in our societies.

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