Mounir Benyoussef Exclusive Interview – ‘Embrace Lifelong Learning And The Transformative Power Of Education’


Mounir Benyoussef was recently interviewed by and below is the Q&A session we had with him.

Mounir Benyoussef As Cover Story – July 2024 Edition

Briefly describe your background, interests, and significant life experiences.

I am Mounir Benyoussef, a Professor in the English Department at Hassan II University, Casablanca. Since 2010, I have also held the position of Innovation Strategy Director at Aaron & Babel, International Network of Translators & Interpreters, based at the Casablanca Technopark. My wide range of experience includes designing, organizing, and running undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses (including B.A., M.A., and Ph.D.) as well as overseeing examinations such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, CELTA, and DELTA.

This experience extends beyond Hassan II University to encompass other academic institutions and diverse corporate environments. During my time in England at UEA as a postgraduate foreign student, I took a keen interest not just in academic life but in social and cultural activities as well. Among other things, I was elected Chairman of the Arab Students Society and served as President of the UEA Overseas Students Association (OSA). This invaluable academic, social, and cultural experience has shaped my belief in the importance of language learning to broaden our minds and enhance our understanding of diverse cultures and ourselves.

As an author of blended learning course books, I published Basic Presentation Skills for Undergraduate Students of English (2017, LEAP Grammar (2018), Improving Reading Skills at University (2019). My publications as a translator include The Andalusians and their Migrations to Morocco in the 16th and 17th Centuries, Morocco from the Reign of Hassan I to that of Hassan II, Introduction to Children of Al Andalus. In 2024 I published an important blended learning reference work for novice and seasoned researchers in the field of the humanities and social sciences, A Guide to Mastering Research, Your Roadmap to Academic Excellence.

Major Challenge: What has been a major challenge in your life and how did you handle it?

A major challenge in my life has been balancing my roles in academia and as Innovation Strategy Director at Aaron & Babel. Handling this challenge required excellent time management, delegation, and a strong support network. Embracing technological advances and fostering innovation in education have been key strategies in managing these responsibilities effectively.

Proud Moment: Share a personal or professional achievement you are proud of. 

One of my proudest professional achievements is founding the Technology-assisted Learning and Lifelong Learner Autonomy International Research Group in 2019. This initiative extended its reach on LinkedIn in 2023, encompassing a broader community of scholars and professionals in academia, education, and training, and garnered a membership of over 250 individuals globally.

Daily Motivation: What keeps you motivated and inspired each day?

The continuous advances in technology and innovation and their potential to transform education and training keep me motivated and inspired each day. As an advocate for their wider use, I am driven by the possibilities they offer for enhancing learning experiences and promoting lifelong learning.

Community Contribution: How do you actively give back to your community or support others?

I actively engage in various research initiatives and collaborations with colleagues from universities across the globe through my research unit. By fostering a global community of scholars and professionals, I contribute to the advancement of knowledge and support others in their academic and professional development.

Message to Readers: What message or advice would you like to share with our readers?

There is little point in learning another language if not use it to broaden our minds in unexpected ways, enhance our living experiences, and increase our understanding of distant people and cultures. By doing so, we can enhance our understanding of ourselves and our own immediate social and cultural contexts. Embrace lifelong learning and the transformative power of education.

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